Ministry update #3

The ministry began 2017 hearing from a group in North Carolina requesting information for a possible mission trip that June.  The trip would not only include members from North Carolina, but from Washington DC, Ohio, and Maryland.  The Lord would further bless the trip by adding a married couple from California.

Throughout the year, BNMI ministry leaders also continued to attend all Baptist Association meetings as well as the State convention.  Our goal then, as it is today, was to share the ministry with as many churches as possible. The Lord chose to honor our efforts with a financial blessing from one of the churches we’d visited.  It’s through these types of partnerships that BNMI is able to take on some larger, more aggressive ministry projects.  Thank you New Song Bible Fellowship Church for becoming a partner with BNMI’s Cuba ministry.


BNMI President Joe Dine presents a Cuban flag to Dr. Bernard Fuller, Senior Pastor of
New Song Bible Fellowship Church

In March 2017, Joe traveled to Cuba to prepare for the upcoming June trip.  Since BNMI tailors our trips to the wants and needs of each group, we sought to honor this group’s requests to work with children and visit churches of different denominations.  Our Cuban team and I spent significant time praying as we visited potential churches to meet this group’s desired outcome.

Following Joe’s return to the United States, BNMI’s stateside team took over putting the finishing touches on the trip.  Our efforts included enlisting a video team to document the trip.

Mid-June found Joe, John Tatterson, and Ron and Heather Anne Rahorn accompanying the group of mostly first-time, short-term missionaries on a weeklong adventure in Cuba.

BNMI would like to thank everyone who helped make this missions trip a reality, including:

  • Group members, for all their hard work while in Cuba
  • People who generously helped sponsor some of the team members
  • Members of Riva Trace Baptist Church, who partnered in what we hope will be our ongoing collection of used computers for ministries in Cuba
  • Band of Brothers men’s ministry for donating caps and gowns for the Southern Baptist Seminary in Pinar del Rio
  • New Song Bible Fellowship Church for making possible an agricultural project designed to feed not only the local church, but their surrounding community
    • BNMI’s plan is to help the Cuban church continue the project
    • New Song’s partnership also enabled us to supply the Southern Baptist Seminary with Bible software for the donated computers

Left to right: Reniel Cabrera, Joe Dine, future new believer, and Pastor Jesus Breto, Oasis De Amour church,
all standing in front part of the BNMI sponsored Agricultural Project.

We’ve shared just a few of the blessings the Lord allowed this group to enjoy with the churches and ministries we visited.  Relationships were formed, and the gospel of Jesus Christ will be making an impact for many years due to this team’s week-long service in Cuba.

From the bottom of my heart, I, Joe Dine, want to thank you, our founding partners, our recurring partners, and those who helped friends, relatives, or church members follow God’s leading and travel to Cuba.  It’s only through your support our ministry has been able to serve alongside our brothers and sisters in Cuba.  We pray the Lord will richly bless each of you.