Year #2

After seeing how God had Blessed our ministry in its first year, we started our second year with excitement and expectant hearts. Some of the second year milestones include:

  • Loosening of travel restrictions, allowing commercial airlines to begin flying to the island
  • The ministry beginning talks with a group interested in ministering to the Cuban Christians
  • Increasing recognition resulting in a new group of partnerships, including some who can’t travel but wish to support the ministry in Cuba
  • Receiving the blessing of some recurring financial partnerships, which the Lord supplied to allow our continued service to Him
  • Receiving some help of some friends of the ministry, help that enabled BNMI to produce an informal presentation to share with potential partners
  • Being interviewed by Baptist Life magazine, which resulted in an article published in their summer issue


Our ministry strove to attend all Baptist Association meetings – to include the State Convention -to share the ministry with as many churches as possible.

Our second year of ministry concluded with mixed results. While we were disappointed that the February church group decided not to travel, we were both encouraged and thankful to the Lord for those who began recurring financial partnerships. Without that support, we could not have remained financially viable through our second year. The Lord again showed us His divine hand in the ministry.

It’s with that in mind that we sincerely thank you for your continued support, support that, along with His Blessing, has enabled BNMI to continue ministering to our Cuban friends.